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Sunrise from Sunrise Hut, Ruahines by RishZ Sunrise from Sunrise Hut, Ruahines :iconrishz:RishZ 1 0
How do you define "passion"?
Passion is what drives you to express what your heart desires. It fills you with warmth, certainty,confidence, happiness, vigour.
Passion can seperate us, or it can bring us together.
Passion is the driving force behind those hot, steamy nights which leave you thinking
Passion does not call for reason, yet when you decide to listen to passion, others will call for you to reason. Since when did MY life's path depend on YOUR concept of MY passion!
Life is too short. Too unique. Too YOU to not listen to your soul's desires/ Express YOURSEF, not your peers.
Today make a decision for your own soul
"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."
:iconrishz:RishZ 1 0
A love letter
My dearest Mary,
I have lain awake many a sleepless night trying to compose words that could accurately describe the feelings of my heart. But every time I have made an attempt, I have failed miserably. Please forgive my poor efforts and accept this trite and simple phrase: I love you.
I love you because of your sweetness. When your lips meet mine, I close my eyes, lost to the sweetness of you. When you smile I am lost, like a small boy lost in a forest, never to find his way home again.
Alas, with my love comes a lament and poignant longing. To feel the alluring, peaceful embrace of your loving arms; to feel the sensual passion of your sweet kiss; to swim in the warm, gentle sea of your love and to be surrounded by it.  long to hold you close, and to be there when your eyes flutter open in the morning, and you see me, and smile. Surely this would be paradise enough?
:iconrishz:RishZ 0 0
Dead or Alive
I crouch alone by the trickling stream and look around, admiring how far I have come.
An icy, mountainous mass stands solemnly to my left, and a green valley falls away to my right. Mount Vesuvius. A mighty soldier standing guard over the city of Pompeii. The city is placed in the shadow of the mountain, near the coast. If I focus my view well enough, I can see movement on the distant streets. People waking up, going about their lives, going out to earn money for their families.
Oh, how long I have yearned for someone to call my family. Someone I can care for and cherish... I look back down into the water and catch my reflection. Lifting my hand to my face, I trace the scars running across my cheeks. Remnants of an unforgiving past. I was lucky I escaped that hellhole. Not many of us get away scot-free. But I'm good at what I do. Not proud of it, but good.
I cup my hands and fill them with water, splashing it over my mud-caked face. I can barely recognize myself anymore. The sc
:iconrishz:RishZ 0 0
Upside down by RishZ Upside down :iconrishz:RishZ 3 0
Social studies crisis
Masterton was bombarded by very unusual and unexpected weather on the 10th February, 2009. At 8:00am a long string of tornadoes hit town with such a great force, it destructed everything in it's path. There were an estimated 9 tornadoes in total. 8765 people were killed and many homes destroyed. This includes the Home for Mentally Challenged (also known as Waicol hostel) in which Caity Prattley was living in at the time, and had been for the past 14 years of her life. The tornadoes rampage  ended at 11:57am, only to be shortly followed by the worlds worst flood. Superman had recently got new powers and he turned to the dark side.He flew over the Pacific Ocean and picked up 100, 000 tonnes of water in a very big bucket. After he dropped it on India Plaza, Masterton, he flew down and grabbed a curry, only to throw them in the Beaurepairs guy's face. The Beaurepairs guy then started singing, and killed everyone around him by rolling tires in all directions. Anyway, back to the f
:iconrishz:RishZ 1 18
Xavier's writing by RishZ Xavier's writing :iconrishz:RishZ 0 0 Meghan's picture by RishZ Meghan's picture :iconrishz:RishZ 1 5
It doesn't matter who you are
Where you may live
Or where you come from
We are all different
We live in many different ways
But we all have one similarity
When we look up
We all see the same stars
The same sky
And nothing can change that
So in a way
we aren't as different as we might think
:iconrishz:RishZ 1 183
Unconditional Love
So what exactly is unconditional love?
I believe it's supposed to mean a love
that faces no obstacles
because it forgives all.
I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe there's no such thing
as unconditional love.
Maybe everything has a catch.
But when I trusted you with my heart,
I trusted you to love me no matter what.
People trust each other like this all the time.
Whether they're trusting a friend,
or maybe a soul mate,
we all trust at least one person like this.
So why does it have to be this way?
Now you won't love me if i do this,
or if i don't do that.
What happened to loving me no matter what?
Was it a lie?
Could it be? Or am i overreacting.
Maybe it's supposed to be this way.
Always being a catch...
I guess it's true after all.
Everything has a catch.
So leave me if you want.
I guess I should have seen it coming.
I gave you my heart.
And i meant what i said.
It doesn't really matter if you were lying,
because i gave you my heart forever.
It's not something you
:iconrishz:RishZ 0 3
Random Point of View
Point of View
Just someone with random thoughts, random ideas, all flashing at once. Just someone who doesnt know what he wants or what he needs at the time he needs it. Just someone who doesn't always think straight or know what hes doing.
Just someone Human. Not multiple personalities, not crazy, not schizophrenic, not insane nor psychotic. No retarded mental handicap or any type of serious handicap whatsoever.
Just one who just simply is. As before I dont always know what I am doing or thinking. So we can leave it at that.
Same old thing, different day. Just another one of those days. Not mentally handicapped, not cruel, not fake nor crazy. Only human, don't know if to say how different, but different.
:iconrishz:RishZ 0 3
Grey Eden
Eden. A truly wondrous place, also known as paradise. Of course, everyone’s paradise is different. The loves and fancies of people will always be different. And that is why Eden is perfect. Because it is exactly what we want. It is ours. It’s ours to mold, to forge. Just like my life would be a living hell for others, I simply think of it as a Grey Eden.
Grey. A truly mysterious color. It doesn’t command the authority and power of black or the purity and innocence of white, yet it is these colours that make it what it is. Pure simplicity. A colour that settles for a treaty rather than an outright victory, that accepts good with bad. This colour dictates my life. It is the defining feature of my living Eden.
:iconrishz:RishZ 1 10
Underwater girl by RishZ Underwater girl :iconrishz:RishZ 4 2 Surprise wave by RishZ Surprise wave :iconrishz:RishZ 3 6 City night lights by RishZ City night lights :iconrishz:RishZ 1 52 Ferris Wheel by RishZ Ferris Wheel :iconrishz:RishZ 0 2


Spring floods... by Ikabe Spring floods... :iconikabe:Ikabe 89 12 A moment between two thoughts by Ikabe A moment between two thoughts :iconikabe:Ikabe 17 2 Life and death by Ikabe Life and death :iconikabe:Ikabe 19 5 Winter the Wizard by flyingdebris Winter the Wizard :iconflyingdebris:flyingdebris 27 4 Oh i have sinned by shaunthesheeeep Oh i have sinned :iconshaunthesheeeep:shaunthesheeeep 5 9 Almost Glowing by xxTikappu Almost Glowing :iconxxtikappu:xxTikappu 4 3 Little yellow birdy by shaunthesheeeep Little yellow birdy :iconshaunthesheeeep:shaunthesheeeep 2 0 Sleeping Dragon by shaunthesheeeep Sleeping Dragon :iconshaunthesheeeep:shaunthesheeeep 6 0
I am a teenager.
I am sixteen.
I am a teenager.
I am a girl.
I don't like loud music.
I don't like loud people.
I value silence.
I rather be outdoors.
I've only ever had one boyfriend.
It lasted for a week.
In sixth grade.
I'm not interested in having a boyfriend.
Or a girlfriend, for that matter.
I'm not gay.
I'm not bi.
I'm not lonely.
I have all the company I need with myself.
And God.
I am a Christian.
I make mistakes.
I am forgiven.
I'm not emo.
I don't want attention.
I don't want popularity.
I don't care if I'm accepted.
I have dark brown hair.
Not blond.
Or jet-black.
I've never dyed my hair in my life.
I don't have side-swept bangs.
I like my hair.
I like my body.
I think I'm pretty.
I'm not conceded.
I can live without my cell phone.
Or television.
Or computer.
I use Academic English whenever I write.
Or text.
Or e-mail.
I love reading.
And writing.
And imagining.
And thinking.
I can see the big picture.
I can see that my soul-mate is most likely not at my small school.
I have deep thoughts a
:iconaquarius95:aquarius95 2 2
End of the day.... by Ikabe End of the day.... :iconikabe:Ikabe 68 6 White... by Ikabe White... :iconikabe:Ikabe 87 17 200 years.... by Ikabe 200 years.... :iconikabe:Ikabe 79 5 Spring is beautiful... by Ikabe Spring is beautiful... :iconikabe:Ikabe 75 12
Finally free...
The world was a giant surface of white and I stood in the middle of it, surrounded by nothing but wind and snow. Suddenly the imaginary path I was following turned red. I stopped and looked back for a second. The setting sun broke free near the horizon and painted everything red.
Snow and fire.
On the ground behind me, the footsteps I made just a minute ago started disappearing under the freshly fallen snow. It felt right, somehow.
The snow glittered, energized by strong winds and the last rays of sunlight of the day. It was a strange, calming sight; accompanied by thoughts of absolution and achievement. I have been waiting for this all my life, I realize that now.
Life entwined me with its own realities, plans and schemes, but this is what I was always meant to do. I guess I needed to grow older, collect all those little victories and defeats Life brings; experiences and memories; failures and lessons, before I was ready to make such a radical step.
Of course now, standing here, looki
:iconikabe:Ikabe 10 3
'The lonely chef' - end
She said that Lenny was great for the job, seeing as his depression would attract customers.
Lenny also loved it in the Delta Nile city, everyone approved of him and liked him for who he was.
Delta Nile city was the most depressing city he’d ever been to, and he was liking every bit of his life there.
He was impressed. Stefanie and him were becoming good work-mates too, and the locals were all so, well friendly in a.. depressing way. He looked back to when he was younger and into all that hippy stuff. He decided to redecorate his apartment into hippy style. Which is strange because being a depressed man stuck in his depressed ways, you think he would prefer dull colours to those bright colours. You can really feel that vibe when you walk into his apartment! He decided to phone his beloved brother, Joe – who had the house all to himself – because they had not spoken in quite some time to each other. He heard good news, “Hey, bro, I’ve got a raise in assassinatin
:icondinnerfiend:DinnerFiend 1 3
Stefanie from the lonely chef by DinnerFiend Stefanie from the lonely chef :icondinnerfiend:DinnerFiend 1 0



New Zealand
I'm not an artist. I'm not that creative. I just like chilling out sometimes and doing some thinking. I'm a soldier in the NZ army. Not all of us are "all brawn and no brains". I didn't join to kill people. I joined to have a job and earn some money, just like people work anywhere. I used to be into nature photography. I would still like to be into it but struggle to find the time... recently rekindled my love of philosophical prose though, so may be more of me to come yet.
  • Eating: Milky Bar!
  • Drinking: Vodka and Vimto- Bah! I wish!
Haha, almost two months since my last journal entry. Well, nothing much going on in my life at the moment. Lots of lol's with Jenny. And from lolworthy websites such as and
Awkward family photos is pretty good, but texts from last night is better. Anyway, mum's actually about to kick me off, so I'll edit this tomorrow to add more to it.


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